Antropologicheskij forum, 2016, no. 31


A Review of ISABELLA CLOUGH MARINARO, BJØRN THOMASSEN (eds.), GLOBAL ROME: CHANGING FACES OF THE ETERNAL CITY. Bloomington; Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2014, 298 pp.

Evgeniya Litvin

Russian State University for the Humanities
6 Miusskaya Sq., Moscow, Russia

Abstract: This collection of seventeen articles analyses the urban space of contemporary Rome and the wide range of its phenomena of everyday life beyond the historic centre. The articles are written by different authors, who do not always share the same methodology, and they focus on separate issues. This limits the potential to elaborate on what the editors consider to be one of the main goals of the book: to change the concept of the ‘global city’ in a way that makes it more applicable to European cities with a long history that do not play a significant role as financial and economic centres, but rather as cultural ones. Nevertheless, this collection of works is important because it focuses on Roman everyday culture, which has rarely been a subject of scientific enquiry previously. Moreover, it traces possible approaches to the cities that are not at the top of the ‘global city’ rankings.

Keywords: urban anthropology, global cities, migrants, neoliberalism, urban planning, grassroots social movements.

To cite: Litvin E., 'A Review of Isabella Clough Marinaro, Bjørn Thomassen (eds.), Global Rome: Changing Faces of the Eternal City. Bloomington; Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2014. 298 pp.', Antropologicheskij forum, 2016, no. 31, pp. 290–302.