Antropologicheskij Forum. 2015. No. 27

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Russia and France: Dialogue of Linguistic Stereotypes

By Elena Berezovich and Galina Kabakova

“On Holidays We Promise Not to Work”: On the Question of Peasant Local Government in the Vologda Province at the End of 19th — the Beginning of the 20th Century

By Dmitry Mukhin


Conspiracy Theories in Contemporary Russia

Anthropology and Conspiracy Theories

By Alexander A. Panchenko

Conspiracy Plot in Nikolay Burlyaev’s Film Lermontov and Filmmaker’s Diary: On the Ethnography of Emotions of the National Conservative Community

By Anna Razuvalova

“The Beast Computer of Brussels”: Apocalyptic Imagination and Conspiracy Theories in Present Day Religious Culture

By Alexander A. Panchenko

Killer Yeast: The Gastronomic Conspiracy and Culture of Distrust in Contemporary Russia

By Jeanne Kormina

“The Fight between Ases and Devas Runs through All Our Existence”: North-Ossetia Intellectuals’ Conspirological Imagination in Their Search for Meaning in National History

By Sergei Shtyrkov



Review of Phillip Vannini, Jonathan TaggartOff the Grid: Re-Assembling Domestic Life. New York: Routledge, 2015, 234 pp.

By Anastasia Karaseva

Review of Daniel Kadar, Michael HaughUnderstanding Politeness. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013, 295 pp.

By Ekaterina Rudneva

Review of Mark Sebba, Alexandra Jaffe, Jannis Androutsopoulos, Sally Johnson (eds.)Orthography as Social Action: Scripts, Spelling, Identity and Power. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2012, 392 pp.

By Elena Lubiankina

Review of Aleksey KonkkaKarsikko: Derevya-znaki v obryadovoy praktike i verovaniyakh pribaltiysko-finskikh narodov [Karsikko:“Tree-Signs” in Ritual Practice and Faith of the Baltic Finns]. Petrozavodsk: Petrozavodsk State University Press, 2013, 206 pp.

By Olga Fishman



Utopias, Realities, Heritages in the Ethnographies of the 21st Century

By Nina Vlaskina, Denis Ermolin, Alexander A. Novik, Svetlana Ryzhakova, and Irina Sedakova

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