Antropologicheskij Forum. 2016. No. 28

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Forum: What is the Role of “Regional Studies” in Contemporary Anthropology? — Exploring the Case of Central Asia

From the Editorial Board

Replies by Gulnara Aitpayeva, Aida Aaly Alymbaeva, Aksana Ismailbekova, Alima Bissenova, Kulshat Medeuova, Svetlana Gorshenina, Diana Ibanez-Tirado, Magnus Marsden, Tohir Kalandarov, Natalia Kosmarkaya, Emil Nasritdinov, Boris Petric, Madeleine Reeves, Igor Savin, Anna Cieślewska, Tommaso Trevisani, Zulaykho Usmonova, Jesko Schmoller

Conclusion by Sergey Abashin



A Prayer for Rain in Soviet Central Asia (Muslim Practices in the Atheist State)

By Sergey Abashin

Feasts of Merit in Western Europe: Medieval Irish Briugas and Traditions of Public Feasting in South and South East Asia

By Dmitry Nikolaev

About Place. An Ethno-рhenomenological Essay

By Andrey Stepanov


Conference Proceedings 
“Anthropology. Folklore Studies. Sociolinguistics”

From the Compilers

By Anna Klepikova

Parenting at a Distance: Transnational Practices in Migrant Families from Tajikistan

By Elena Borisova

Constructing “Greek” and “Albanian”: Linguistic Ideologies in the Greek-speaking Communities of Southern Albania (Northern Epirus)

By Ekaterina Zheltova

“New Farmers” in Japan

By Ksenia Kurochkina

“All the Falsehood from the Devil”: “Magic” and “Demonological” Motivation in Vocabulary with the Meaning of Deceit

By Valeriya Kuchko

On Studying the Linguistic World of Russian Lamentations: The “Deprivation” Category and Its Text Implementation

By Olesya Surikova



Review of Stephane A. Dudoignon, Christian Noack (eds.), Allah’s Kolkhozes: Migration, De-Stalinisation, Privatisation and the New Muslim Congregations in the Soviet Realm (1950s — 2000s). Berlin: Klaus Schwartz Verlag, 2014, 541 pp., maps, photographs, indices, bibliographies.

By Alfrid Bustanov

Review of Sophie Hohmann, Claire Mouradian, Silvia Serrano, Julien Thorez (eds.), Development in Central Asia and the Caucasus: Migration, Democratisation and Inequality in the Post-Soviet Era. London; New York: IB Tauris, 2014, 399 pp.

By Denis Letnyakov

Review of Stephanie Cronin (ed.), Anti-Veiling Campaigns in the Muslim World: Gender, Modernism and the Politics of Dress. London; New York: Routledge, 2014, 288 pp.

By Guzel Yusupova

Review of Svetlana Peshkova, Women, Islam, and Identity, Public Life in Private Spaces in Uzbekistan. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2014, 352 pp.

By Anna Cieślewska

Review of Mehran Kamrava, Zahra Babar (eds.), Migrant Labor in the Persian Gulf. London: Hurst & Company, 2012, 238 pp.

By Nikolay Steblin-Kamenskiy


Letters to the Editor

Mikloukho-Maclay: New Legends

By Dmitriy Orehov

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