Forum for Anthropology and Culture. 2005. No. 2


Editors' Foreword


Forum: The Research Object and the Subjectivity of the Researcher

Sergei Abashin, Levon Abrahamian, Dmitry Baranov, Michael Fischer, Elza-Bair Guchinova, Zhanna Kormina, Vladislav Kulemzin, Hirokazu Miyazaki, Sergei Neklyudov, Serafima Nikitina, Serguei Oushakine, Mikhail Rodionov, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Tatiana Shchepanskaya, Mark D. Steinberg, Natalya Tuchkova, Tatiana Valodzina, Valentin Vydrin, Margarita Zhuikova



Yuri Berezkin. 'The Black Dog at the River of Tears': Some Amerindian Representations of the Passage to the Land of the Dead and their Eurasian Roots

Dmitry Baranov. On Objects and Their Images: Some Principles of Semanticisation in Russian Riddles and Rituals

Sevir Chernetsov. Ethiopian Magic Texts

Nikolai Vakhtin. On Certain Peculiarities in the Act of Communication


Materials from Expeditions

Mariya Akhmetova, Mikhail Lurye. Field Materials from Bologoe, 2004


Conference Proceedings
Readings in Honour of D. K. Zelenin, St Petersburg, November 2004 (Part 2)

Aleksandr Lyarsky. 'School Superstitions' at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: The Perspective of Adults

Elena Lyarskaya. Female Taboos and the Nenets System of Concepts of the Unclean

Izaly Zemtsovsky. Genre-Performance 'Doubles' in Russian Epic Tradition


The Dangers of the Known World: Russian Popular Culture from 1800

Catriona Kelly. Introductory Comments

Albert Baiburin. Concepts of the Word in Russian Traditional Culture

Steve Smith. Heavenly Letters and Tales of the Forest: 'Superstition' against Bolshevism

Daniel Beer. Response to Steve Smith, 'Heavenly Letters and Tales of the Forest'

Faith Wigzell. Reading the Map of Heaven and Hell in Russian Popular Orthodoxy: Examining the Usefulness of the Concepts of Dvoeverie and Binary Oppositions

Stephen Lovell. Response to Faith Wigzell, 'Reading the Map of Heaven and Hell in Russian Popular Orthodoxy'

Caroline Humphrey. Dangerous Words: Taboos, Evasions, and Silence in Soviet Russia

Polly Jones. Commentary on 'Language and Fear' (Caroline Humphrey)



Nikolai Vakhtin. Discovering the North: Peter P. Schweitzer. Siberia and Anthropology: National Tradition and Transnational Moments in the History of Research. Higher Doctorate (Habilitationsschrift), defended in 2002 at the University of Vienna

Zhanna Kormina. Cosmic Balls: K. A. Bannikov. The Anthropology of Extremist Groups. Moscow, 2002

Arina Tarabukina. The Ethnography of Mysticism: A. A. Panchenko. Khristovshchina i skopchestvo: folklor i traditsionnaya kultura russkikh misticheskikh sekt [The Christ Faith and the Auto-Castrators: the Folklore and Traditional Culture of Russian Mystical Sects]. Moscow, 2002


In memoriam

Sevir Chernetsov. Nikolai Mikhailovich Girenko (1940-2004)

Sergei Frantsuzov. Sevir Chernetsov (1943-2005), Teacher of Classical Ethiopic: A Tribute


Special Forum: The Current State of Ethnography and Anthropology in Russia
Extracts from a Special Number of Antropologicheskii forum Published to Mark the Sixth Congress of Russian Anthropologists (28 June - 2 July 2005)

Sergei Abashin, Evgeny Golovko, Ekaterina Melnikova, Alexander Reshetov, Maria Stanyukovich, Viktor Viktorin

Editor's Afterword by Albert Baiburin


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