Forum for Anthropology and Culture. 2013. No. 9


Editors’ Foreword


Forum: On Copyright and Culture: Discussion of an Article by Sergei Sokolovskiy 

Sergei Sokolovskiy. Some Stories about Copyright and Culture

Yuri Berezkin, Michael Brown, Anastasia Ilchenko, Olga Murashko, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Nadezhda Pechenina, Dimitris Plantzos, Marilyn Strathern

Sergei Sokolovskiy. Copyright, Aboriginality and Cultural Heritage: the Paradoxes of Liberalism and Communitarism in Economics, Politics and Law


The Anthropology of Russian Politics

Dmitry Mukhin. Village Assemblies in Vologda Province at the End of the Nineteenth and Beginning of the Twentieth Centuries

Alexandra Kasatkina. Dacha Life and ‘Political Warfare’: The Problems of Self-Organisation in Contemporary Russian Garden Cooperatives

Ekaterina Melnikova. Notes on the Ethnography of Elections


‘Traditions’ in Soviet Theory and Practice

Sergei Alymov. The Concept of the ‘Survival’ and Soviet Social Science in the 1950s and 1960s

Dmitry Baranov. ‘Imparting’ Traditions: How the National Past was Written into the Narrative of the Soviet People

Alexandra Piir. A Tradition that Never Was: Working with Children in Leningrad Housing Administrations

Konstantin Bogdanov. Soviet Champagne: A Festive History

Catriona Kelly. Leningrad Cuisine / La cuisine leningradaise: A Contradiction in Terms?



Alexandra Kasatkina. Melissa Caldwell’s Dacha Idyll: Review of Melissa Caldwell. Dacha Idylls: Living Organically in Russia’s Countryside. Berkeley CA: University of California Press, 2011

Amandine Regamey. No Laughing Matter: Review of Alexandra Arkhippova, Mikhail Melnichenko. Anekdoty o Staline. Teksty, kommentarii, issledovaniya [Jokes about Stalin: Texts, Commentaries, Studies]. Moscow: OGI; RGGU, 2010