Antropologicheskij forum, 2005, no. 2

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Forum: The Research Object and the Subjectivity of the Researcher

From the Editorial Board

Sergei Abashin, Levon Abrahamian, Dmitry Baranov, Tatiana Valodzina, Valentin Vydrin, Elza Guchinova, Margarita Zhuikova, Jeanne Kormina, Vladislav Kulemzin, Hirokazu Miyazaki, Sergei Neklyudov, Serafima Nikitina, Mikhail Rodionov, Mark D. Steinberg, Natalia Tuchkova, Serguei Oushakine, Michael Fischer, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Tatiana Sсhepanskaya 



Leisure in Russia: Free Time and Its Uses

Stephen Lovell

The Black Dog at the River of Tears: Some Amerindian Representations of the Passage to the Land of the Dead and Their Eurasian Roots

Yuri Berezkin

On Objects and Their Images: Some Principles of Semanticization in Russian Riddles and Rituals

Dmitry Baranov

Ethiopian Magic Texts

Sevir Chernetsov

The Jesup North Pacific Expedition and Its Russian Participants

Nikolai Vakhtin


Readings in Honour of D. K. Zelenin

School Superstitions at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: The Perspective of Adults

Aleksandr Liarsky

The Rag Paradigm, Or 'In Ripki We Were Born, in Ripki We Lived, in Ripki We Will Die'

Inna Veselova

Female Taboos and the Nenets System of Concepts of the Unclean

Elena Liarskaya

Genre-Performance Doubles in Russian Epic Tradition

Izaly Zemtsovsky


Materials from Expeditions

Field Materials from Bologoye, 2004

Maria Akhmetova, Mikhail Lurye



A Review of K. L. Bannikov, Antropologiya ekstremalnykh grupp [The Anthropology of Extremist Groups]. Moscow: Institute of Anthropology and Ethnography Press, 2002.

Jeanne Kormina

A Review of A. A. Panchenko, Khristovshchina i skopchestvo [The Christ Faith and the Auto-Castrators]. Мoscow: OGI, 2002.

Arina Tarabukina

A Review of Peter Schweitzer, Siberia and Anthropology: National Traditions and Transnational Moments in the History of Research. Habilitationsschrift. Eingereicht an der human und socialwissenschaftlichen Fakultaet der Universitaet Wien. Wien, 2001.

Nikolai Vakhtin



Kirill Vasilievich Chistov is 85

Vladimir Kislyakov, Vadim Baevsky, Tatiana Ivanova, Bronislava Kerbelite, Rostislav Kinzhalov, Sergei Neklyudov, Yuri Novik, Irina Razumova



Personal Correspondence of M. K. Kudriavtsev

Nina Krasnodembskaya, Natalia Kudriavtseva



About N. A. Butinov

Elena Ivanova


In memoriam

Sevir Chernetsov: Teacher of Classical Ethiopic

Serge Frantsouzoff



Summaries and keywords

Antropologicheskij forum, no. 2