Antropologicheskij forum, 2008, no. 8


Forum: Nationalism and Xenophobia as Research Topics

Olga Ansberg, Valentina Uzunova, Maria Akhmetova, Jovan Byford, Elena Berezovich, Valentin Vydrin, Albina Garifzyanova, Roger Griffin, Sebastian Job, Paul Manning, Jelena Obradović, Elena Omelchenko, Alexander Osipov, Alexander Panchenko, Hilary Pilkington, David Raskin, Sergey Sokolovskiy, Detelina Tocheva, Andreas Umland, Douglas R. Holmes, Yury Shabaev, Eleonora Shafranskaya, Nona Shahnazaryan, Stephen Shenfield, Victor Schnirelmann 

On The Problem of Professional Schizophrenia, or ‘This is No Bus in Paris’

Sergei Shtyrkov



The End of Russian Radical Nationalism?

Mikhail Sokolov

Identity on a Mythic Background

Julia Chernyavskaya

Happiness on Holidays

Albert Baiburin, Alexandra Piir

'I Didn’t Understand, but It Was Funny': Late Soviet Festivals and Their Impact on Children

Catriona Kelly, Svetlana Sirotinina

Ritual Rhetoric. Soviet Sociolect in the Light of Ethnolinguistics

Konstantin Bogdanov

Dirty Village and Litter Town (Everyday Practices of Dealing with Litter in Different Communities)

Olga Brednikova, Olga Tkach

'Having Given That Person the Name of the Supreme Governor': On the Title Assumed by Admiral A. V. Kolchak on 18th November 1918

Vadim Zhuravlev


We Host Zhivaya starina

On the Zhivaya starina Journal

Maria Akhmetova, Sergei Neklyudov

Russian Geographical Urban Songs of Russia

Vladimir Kalutskov

'An Icon Was Called a Candle': From the Experience of Studying the Candle in East Polesye. Based on Expeditions of the Vetka Museum of Folk Creative Work

Gennadiy Lopatin


Materials from Expeditions

Materials for ‘Dictionary of the Local Text of Mogilev-Podilskii’

Mikhail Alekseevsky, Anastasia Zherdeva, Mikhail Lurye, Anna Senkina



A Review of Paula A. Michaels, Curative Power: Medicine and Empire in Stalin’s Central Asia. Pittsburgh, Pa: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003, 239 pp.

Sergei Abashin

A Review of Catherine Merridale, Ivan’s War. The Red Army 1939–1945. London: Faber and Faber, 2005 (paperback edition), 396 pp.

Oleg Ken

A Review of Galina Lindquist, Conjuring Hope: Magic and Healing in Contemporary Russia. New York; Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2006, 251 pp. (Epistemologies of Healing, vol. 1)

Olga Khristoforova

A Review of K. A. Bogdanov, O krokodilakh v Rossii: Ocherki iz istorii zaimstvovaniy i ekzotizmov [On Crocodiles in Russia]. Moscow: NLO, 2006, 352 pp.

Andrew Kahn



Fania Davydovna Liushkevich

Maria Yanes



International Symposium ‘Ruler and Saint’. Tsar Ivan Shishman and the Festival Balkan Cultural Film Library

Valeria Kolosova, Konstantin Rangochev, or What Shall We Do with Russian Anthropology

Vlada Baranova


In memoriam

Kirill Vasilievich Chistov

Albert Baiburin


Summaries and keywords

Antropologicheskij forum, no. 8