Antropologicheskij forum, 2008, no. 9


Forum: Prestige in Scholarship (Discussion of Mikhail Sokolov’s Article)

The Failed Consolidation of Authority in Post-Soviet Scholarship

Mikhail Sokolov

Marina Volokhonskaya, Vladimir Volokhonsky, Vladimir Guelman, Katerina Guba, Aleksey Elfimov, Jane Zavisca, Elena Zdravomyslova, Tatjana ZimenkovaPeter Rutland, Sergey Sokolovskiy, Andrey Starodubtsev, Kirill Titaev


Mikhail Sokolov



Russian Anthropology and Its Historiography

Sergey Sokolovskiy

Letters of Believers as Advertising: The 'National Reception Room' of St Ksenia of Petersburg

Jeanne Kormina, Sergei Shtyrkov

'It Should Go On and On in Such a Way…' (On the Functions of Teaching a Native Language at School)

Vlada Baranova

Beliefs on Sacredness and the Sacred in Latvian Folklore and Folk Worldview

Svetlana Ryzhakova

System of Kinship Terms of the Guinean Maninka

Valentine Vydrin, Mamady Diané

Anthroponyms in Slavonic Phytonymics

Valeria Kolosova


Materials from Expeditions and Archives

The Jewish Population of the European North of Russia: Problems of Social Construction (End of the 19th — Beginning of 20th Century)

Maxim Pulkin

Muslim Tatars of the Penza Region: A Look into the Soviet Past (1940s–1980s)

Larisa Koroleva, Alexei Korolev



A Review of Helena Goscilo, Andrea Lanoux (eds.), Gender and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Russian Culture. De Kalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 2006, 267 pp.; Oleg Ryabov, 'Rossiya-Matushka”: natsionalizm, gender i voyna v Rossii XX veka ['Mother-Russia': Nationalism, Gender and War in Russia of the 20th Century]. Stuttgart: ibidem-Verlag, 2007, 290 pp.

Andy Byford

A Review of A. Kim Clark, Marc Becker (eds.), Highland Indians and the State in Modern Equador. Pittsburgh, Pa: Pittsburg University Press, 2007, 360 pp. (Pitt Latin American Studies). 

Istvan Praet

A Review of ‘Muzhskoy sbornik’. Issue 1: Muzhchina v traditsionnoy kulture [Man in Traditional Culture] / Comp. by I. A. Morozov, ed. by S. P. Bushkevich. Moscow: Labirint, 2001, 224 p.; Issue 2: 'Muzhskoe' v traditsionnom i sovremennom obshchestve [The Masculine in Traditional and Contemporary Society] / Comp. by I. A. Morozov, ed. by D. V. Gromov, N. L. Pushkareva. Moscow: Labirint, 2004, 264 pp.; Issue 3: Muzhchina v ekstremalnoy situatsii [Man in Extreme Situation] / Comp. by I. A. Morozov, ed. by N. L. Pushkareva. Moscow: Indrik, 2007, 264 pp.

Connor Doak

A Review of Ticio Escobar, The Curse of Nemur. In Search of the Art, Myth, and Ritual of the Ishir / Trans. by Adriana Michele Campos Johnson. Pittsburgh, Pa: University of Pittsburg Press, 2007, 303 pp.

Yuri Berezkin



'Breaking the barriers'. An International Documentary Film Festival and Conference, Iceland, May 28 — June 2, 2008

Victoria Chistyakova



Mikhail Alekseevsky, Yuri Berezkin, Varvara Dobrovolskaya, Jeanne Kormina, Andrey Moroz, Efim Rezvan, Anna Sirina, Svetlana Tolstaya, Sergei Shtyrkov


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