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Conference Proceedings “‘Folk Linguistics’: Language from the Speaker’s Perspective”

“Народная лингвистика” как объект исследования [Folk Linguistics as an Object of Research]

Evgeny Golovko

‘Folk Linguistics’ in Japan and Russia

Vladimir Alpatov

Compiling a Dictionary and the Emergence of a New Language

Vlada Baranova

A Dictionary Compiled by a Dialect Speaker: A Pragmatic Aspect

Elena Bondarenko

Philosophical Demotivators and Non-Professional Definitions: The Correlation Between Verbal and Visual Content

Natalia Bragina

Speech Errors as the Focus of Metalinguistic Reflection

Elena Gekkina

New Forms of ‘Naïve Linguistics’ in the Internet Age

Valery Efremov

Naïve Ideas of Word Meanings in Russian

Boris Iomdin

‘Folk Linguistics’ as an Instrument of Magic

Valeria Kolosova

“No One Speaks Worse Than Us” vs “We’re the Only Ones Who Speak Properly”: Dialect Speakers’ Changing Attitude Towards Their Speech

Anastasia Lopukhina

“You Really Don’t Sound Like Us”: The Effect of Proper Names’ Ethnicity on Listener Expectations

Alexei Prikhodkin

Pljuskvamperfekt(um) (Pluperfect) in Russian: a Linguistic Term in Non-Linguistic Contexts and Typological Data

Dmitry Sichinava

Speakers’ Attitudes to Language: Generators or Mirrors of Sociolinguistic Changes? (The French Example)

Hélène Favreau

Folk Etymology and Quantitative Collocations in Russian

Igor Sharonov


On Flags, Dragons and Jokes

Малые жанры — большому ученому [Small Genres — to a Great Scholar]

Alexandra Arkhipova, Nikita Petrov

These Capricious and Lazy Dragons: From Proverb to Myth

Sergey Neklyudov

The Russian Flag: Phonosemantic Memory Technique and Folklore Texts

Nikita Petrov

Political Humour of Liberty Island: What Cubans Say About Fidel Castro

Alexandra Arkhipova, Manolo Alejandrez

“These People Can’t Even Sort Potatoes Without Their Father”: Belarusian Political and Ethnic Jokes

Anastasiya Astapova


Materials from Expeditions

The Experience of Gathering Jokes in Cuba: A Fieldwork Trip in 2013

Dmitry Pantyukhin



That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet…: A Review of János Géczi, The Rose and its Symbols in Mediterranean Antiquity. Tubingen: Narr Verlag, 2011, 453 pp.

Valeria Kolosova

A Review of S. A. Shtyrkov, Predaniya ob inozemnom nashestvii: krestyanskiy narrativ i mifologiya landshafta (na materialakh Severo-Vostochnoy Novgorodchiny) [Historical Legends about Foreign Invasion: The Peasant Narrative and Mythology of Landscape (Based on Material from the North-East Novgorod Area)]. St Petersburg: Nauka, 2012, 228 pp.

Evgeny Platonov

A Review of Tracy McDonald, Face to the Village: The Riazan Countryside under Soviet Rule, 1921–1930. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2011, XVIII+422 pp.

Jonathan Waterlow

A Review of Brian Donahoe, Joachim Otto Habeck (eds.), Reconstructing the House of Culture. Community, Self, and the Makings of Culture in Russia and Beyond. New York; Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2011, 336 pp.

Denis Maslov

A Review of V. B. Kolosova, Leksika i simvolika slavyanskoy narodnoy botaniki. Etnolingvisticheskiy aspekt [The Lexis and Symbolism of Slavonic Folk Botany. The Ethnolinguistic Aspect].Moscow: Indrik, 2009, 352 pp.

Alexandra Ippolitova



Urban Festivals in Changing Times

Irina Sedakova

Religious Nationalism in Theory and Practice

Anna Smelova


In Memoriam

Calvert Watkins (13th March 1933 — 20th March 2013)

Yaroslav Vasilkov


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