Antropologicheskij forum, 2015, no. 24



Forum: “Invisible Revolutions”

Anna Artyushina, Dmitry Baranov, Victor Vakhshtain, Evgeny Vdovchenkov, Maria Erofeeva, Maria Konstantinova, Sergei Sokolovsky, Tatyana Uvarova, Lyudmila Khakhovskaya, Victor Shnirelman

Расколдованные люди (вместо заключения) [Disenchanted People (in lieu of a Conclusion)]

Ilia Utekhin



Discourse Analysis in Research on the Ukrainian Tradition of Premarital Bed-Sharing (Late 19th–21st Century)

Maria Mayerchyk

Ovtsy vs. chany (“sheep” vs. “vats”): Wordplay in Polemics About the Name for Inhabitants of the City of Tambov

Maria Akhmetova


Conference Proceedings “Anthropology. Folklore Studies. Sociolinguistics”

From the Compilers

Mikhail Lurie

Fighting With a Spirit: Weapons and Armour in Group Prayer at Obo

Yulia Lyakhova

Writings on Taxis in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

Daria Mishchenko

“Others” and “Aliens” in Matrimonial Practices: The Case of the Sopoćkinie Region

Roman Urbanovich


Ethnographic Notes

Grouse in the Food Culture of the Komi People (Zyrians)

Tatiana Chudova 



A Review of Bruno Latour, Nauka v deystvii: sleduya za uchenymi i inzhenerami vnutri obshchestva [Science in Action: How to Follow Scientists and Engineers through Society?]. St Petersburg: European University at St Petersburg Press, 2013, 414 pp.

Maria Konstantinova

A Review of Victor Buchli, An Anthropology of Architecture. London: Berg Publishers, 2013, 224 pp.

Maria Konstantinova

A Review of P. K. Dashkovsky, S. M. Karymova, Veshch v traditsionnoy kulture narodov Tsentralnoy Azii: filosofsko-kulturologicheskoe issledovanie [Things in Traditional Culture of Central Asia: A Philosophical and Cultural Approach]. Barnaul: Altai State University Press, 2012, 252 pp.

Elena Nam

A Review of Amy Whitehead, Religious Statues and Personhood: Testing the Role of Materiality. London; New York: Bloomsbury, 2013, 216 pp.

Daria Dubovka

A Review of Jarret Zigon, Making the New Post-Soviet Person: Moral Experience in Contemporary Moscow. Leiden: Boston Brill, 2010, 257 pp.

Larisa Deriglazova

A Review of J. N. Adams, Social Variation and the Latin Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012, 933 pp.

Dmitry Sichinava

A Review of A. A. Pletneva, Lubochnaya Biblia. Yazykitekst [A ‘Lubok’ (Popular Print)  Bible]. Moscow: Yazyki slavyanskoy kultury, 2013, 392 pp.

Andrey Moroz

A Review of Lev Klein, Istoria antropologicheskih ucheniy [A History of Anthropological Theories], ed. by L. B. Vishnyatsky. St Petersburg: St Petersburg State University Publishing House, 2014, 744 pp.

Yuri Berezkin


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Antropologicheskij forum, no. 24