Antropologicheskij forum, 2017, no. 35


A Review of M. S. DRUSKIN, –°OLLECTED WORKS: in 7 vols., vol. 5: RUSSKAYA REVOLUTSIONNAYA PESNYA [THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTIONARY SONG], comp., intr. article, materials, publ. of letters and documents, and comm. by S. V. Podrezova. St Petersburg: Kompozitor, 2012, 800 pp.

Rustam Fakhretdinov
European University at St Petersburg
3 Gagarinskaya Str., St Petersburg, Russia

Abstract: The reviewed book is the expanded reissue of the work of musicologist M. S. Druskin from the period of 1930–1960 and is devoted to songs of social protest. Druskin, who had orbited formalist circles, isn’t formalist in his own works. His works are terminologically vague, and his systemization is contradictory. Nevertheless, his basic thesis is productive: any new songs are only relatively new and we must analyze them in their contexts as part of a community’s “song tradition.” While the work of the editor Svetlana Podrezova is impressive, it is unfortunate that she did not delve into a critical analysis of the published texts, which would have significantly raised the value of the publication as well as interest in Druskin.

Keywords: revolutionary songs, mass culture, Russian Civil War.

To cite: Fakhretdinov R., ‘A Review of M. S. Druskin, –°ollected Works: in 7 vols., vol. 5: Russkaya revolutsionnaya pesnya [The Russian Revolutionary Song]. St Petersburg: Kompozitor, 2012, 800 pp.’, Antropologicheskij forum, 2017, no. 35, pp. 229–240.