Antropologicheskij forum, 2022, special, extraordinary and not too serious issue, published in secret from the editor-in-chief


From the Managing Editor

Rustam Fakhretdinov


Forum: Baiburin: pro et contra

From the Editorial Board

Julia Kovyrshina, Jeanne Kormina, Elena Levichkina, Sergei Shtyrkov


Research and Reflection

Ritual in Non-Traditional Culture

Ilya Utekhin

On а Quasi-Dimensive Text of Children’s Folklore (An Essay on Structural and Semantic Stylisation)

Maria Akhmetova, Mikhail Lurie

A Prolegomenon to the Study of the Cultural and Biographical Significance of the Horoscope: An Autoethnography (Not Too Long and Not Too Serious…)

Marina Hakkarainen

A Present from “Arzamas”, or, The Ten Most Important Words for Understanding Culture and How to Find Them

Elena Liarskaya


Studies of Passports and Identity Documents

At the Borders of Memory: The British Passport

Catriona Kelly

Garden Settlement Membership Books as a Hybrid and Liminal Phenomenon, or, The Soviet City-Dweller’s Rural Passport

Alexandra Kasatkina

“To Send Home with a Kind Word”: On Peasants’ Passports in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

Dmitry Mukhin

“This Little Cover So Dear to Me”: The Semiotic Status of the Passport Cover and Practices Associated with Its Use in Late Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia

Stepan Drozdov, Maria Masagutova

Toy Passports: A Preliminary Investigation

Olga Boitsova

“No ID? Then You’re a… Mongrel”: A Dog’s Life in Documents Issued by Russian Kennel Clubs

Natalia Slavgorodskaya

“Boy Wants to Meet Girl for LTR” (A Response to Natalia Slavgorodskaya and the Stud Dogs Ads from “Avito”)

Maria Fox Larsson (Maria Oshukova)


Materials from the Field

Bonjour Distress, or, Sad Stories

Anna Altukhova, Anna Klepikova, Maria Pirogovskaya

Semiotics Goes to the Masses: Notes on Readings of Works by the Moscow-Tartu School among Russian Neo-Pagans

Yulia Shanina

Ethnicity for Yourself and Others: Fieldwork Observations from the Hel Peninsula

Oleksandr Vasiukov



Inside and Outside: How to Live and Not Die in the Ethnographical Museum

Ekaterina Melnikova



The Venice Manuscript

Valeria Kolosova, Olga Belichenko



AB: An Encomium in Objects

Dmitry Baranov, Evgenia Guliaeva


Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

V. D.