Antropologicheskij forum, 2010, no. 12 online



“And Many Souls Awoke”: On the Role of the Herrnhut Movement in Latvian Ethnic History and Culture

Svetlana Ryzhakova

On the Use of Geometrical Code in the Classificatory Kinship Systems of Scholarship

Pavel Belkov


Russian Political Folklore

Political Folklore as a Subject of Anthropological Research

Alexander Panchenko

Political and Prison Songs in the Early 20th Century: Between Propaganda and Folklore

Mikhail Lurie

The Last Tsar-Deliverer: Soviet Mythology and Folklore in the 1920s–1930s

Alexandra Arkhipova

“Stalin’s Falcons”: Totalitarian Phraseology and ‘Soviet Folklore’

Irina Kozlova

“Gorbachev’s Dream” and Russian Political Folklore of the Perestroika Period

Anna Minaeva, Alexander Panchenko

Political Characters in Contemporary Hagiography: How Saint Matrona of Moscow Gave Her Blessing to Iosif Stalin

Jeanne Kormina

Anecdotes from Zyuganov: Folklore in the Modern Political Battle

Mikhail Alekseevsky

Materials from Expeditions

Norms and Deviation from Them in ‘Professional Texts’ (Tales about Alcohol Use by Train Drivers)

Maria Akhmetova

The Romance of Bastarda and Sung Folklore of the Spanish District of El Rebollar (Material from Expedition in 2005) Natalia Vozyakova

Child Development Deviation: An Essay in Frame Analysis

Anna Klepikova, Ilia Utekhin

Honouring the Krivankovsky Well in the Yurginsky Region, Tyumenskaya Oblast

Elena Ermakova


Franco-Russian Summer School “Life-Creation, Mystification and Forgeries in Russia and France”

Alexander Stroev, Andrey Toporkov

Conference “Pilipinas muna!” — “The Philippines First of All!”

Elena Revunenkova

Review of the Festival ‘The Days of Ethnographic Cinema’ (28th September — 3rd October 2009, Moscow, Russian Institute of Culturology)

Aleksey Vasiliev, Viktoria Chistyakova

Spring School on Folklore Studies and Cultural Anthropology. ‘Folklore in Our Time: Traditions, Transformations and Neologisms’

Natalia Komelina


About the Library Named after D. N. Anuchin in the Kostroma Region

Olga Gorokhova

In memoriam

 In Memory of Claude Lévi-Strauss (28.11.1908–31.10.2009)

Alexander Ostrovsky

 Vladimir Rafailovich Kabo (1925–2009) Elena Ivanova

Response to Questionnaire

Stanley Diamond on the Structuralism of Claude Lévi-Strauss: Metacommentary

Sergei Sokolovsky


Summaries and keywords

Antropologicheskij forum, no. 12 online