Antropologicheskij forum, 2010, no. 15 online




“Perestroika” in the Russian Provinces

Sergey Alymov

Rumours in Modern Socio-Cultural Environment: A Historiographical Review

Elena Osetrova

Trends in the Research of Chinese Popular Religion: After the “Imperial Metaphor”

Zhang Xun

The Evolution of Opinions on the Russian Settlement of the Western Coast of Lake Chudskoe (Estonia) and the Emergence of Old Believer Bespopovtsy in Prichudye

Fedor Savikhin, Aarne Kasikov, Eugeny Vasilchenko

Present-Day Death Rituals among Azov Albanians: Structure and Nature

Denis Ermolin

Essay on the Pragmatic Interpretation of the North-Russian House Locus: Sholnysha

Andrey Stepanov

Russian Animal Tales: The System of Characters Julia Marinicheva
Appendix: Database of Naming and Character References in Russian Animal Tales (Microsoft Office Access, 4,51 Мб)


Urban Space as the Focus of Anthropological Research

Conferece Proceedings: Exhibition of Scientific Achievements in European University at St Petersburg, "Urban" Section

Mikhail Lurie

Improvements and “Exemplary Life” in Leningrad Courtyards: Dialogue between the Authorities and Tenants

Alexandra Piir

Initiation and Punishment: A Monument to Writers in Provincial Cities

Maria Litovskaya

 The Music of Our Town. Version 2.0

Mikhail Alekseevsky

City Spaces and Cities in Space [within a country] (“You Know You Live in N When…”)

Maria Akhmetova

Tramway Fans and Provincial Urbanicity

Andrey Vozyanov


Materials from Expeditions and Archives

 The Graveyard from a Personal Perspective (Field Notes)

Evgeny Safronov

On the Creation of the Creation of the Journal Ethnographic Review (1889–1916) (Based on the Archive Material of Vladimir Bogdanov)

Mariam Kerimova

The Ballad of the Romani Lovari People “Mashkar le strijna”— “Among Foreigners”

Marianna Smirnova-Seslavinskaya

The Collection of Ego-Documents (Personal Memoirs), Gathered by the Commissions on the History of the Communist Party and the Revolution (Istpart) in the 1920s and 1930s, As a Source of Ethnographic, Historical and Cultural Information (on Material from the Vologda and Arkhangelsk Archives)

Tatyana Troshina

The Tale of Three Pots in the Context of Komi Ethnography

Tatiana Chudova



On the Best ‘Award’ for Anthropological Studies (An Interview with Jeanne Kormina and Kaarina Aitamurto)

Galina Komarova



9th Congress of Ethnographers and Anthropologists: Impressions from Participants

Conference “Balkan Spectrum: from Light to Color / Balkanskij spektr: ot sveta k tsvetu” (Balkan Readings — 11 / Balkanskie chtenija — 11)

Denis Ermolin, Alexandra Dugushina



The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of S. M. Dudin — Artist and Ethnographer (Based on Data from Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography)

Valeria Prischepova

 In memoriam

Igor Semenovich Kon (1928–2011)

Daniel Tumarkin


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Antropologicheskij forum, no. 15 online