Antropologicheskij forum, 2010, no. 16 online




Can We Judge a Nation’s Culture on the Basis of Its Language?

Anna Pavlova

Individual Features of the Pechora Epic Singers’ Quantitative Technique for Verse Singing

Alexander Matochkin

The North-Russian House: Spatial Dynamics and Daily Experience (Latter Half of 20th — Early 21st Centuries)

Andrey Stepanov


Mass Protests in December 2011: an Essay on Online Research

Mass Protests in Moscow through the Eyes of Anthropologists, Folklorists, Sociologists

Dmitry Gromov

The Logic of Virtual Protest: The Week after the 2011 Elections

Darya Radchenko, Irina Ksenofontova, Dina Pisarevskaya

“Bandar-Logs” in Sakharov Prospect: A Sociological Portrait

Anna Sokolova, Maria Golovina, Elizaveta Semirkhanova

“We Are Not The Opposition, We Are The People”: New Features of Street Political Actionism

Dmitry Gromov

Who Are All Those People (the Ones with Placards)?

Mikhail Alekseevsky

The “Folklore” of Protest Demonstrations in December 2011. The Old and the New

Andrey Moroz

…And the Bandar-Log Have Come: Vladimir Putin’s Statement and the “Folk Placard”

Maria Akhmetova

Putin Jokes Ten Years On, or Does the Folklore of the “Snow Revolution” Really Exist?

Alexandra Arkhipova


Material from the Archives

The First List of the Chapels in the St Petersburg Province 1734–1735 and the Circumstances of Its Creation

Evgeny Platonov



6th Readings in Honour of B. S. Ryabinin (Petrozavodsk): Impressions from Participants

Conference “Folklore in the 21st Century: Heroes of Our Time”

Mikhail Alekseevsky, Dmitry Gromov

The 9th Annual Conference and Summer School of the International Association T2M: A Closer Look at Mobility Studies

Andrey Vozyanov

International Conference “Islam in Russia and Beyond: the History and Culture of Society”

Makka Albogachieva

The International Conference “Oral Charms in a Structural and Comparative Light”

Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Andrey Toporkov



The Life and Fate of Nina Ivanovna Gagen-Torn — Ethnographer and Poet

Elena Revunenkova


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Antropologicheskij forum, no. 16 online