Antropologicheskij forum, 2010, no. 17 online




 Disabled People in Russian Residential Institutions: When They Are Treated as Adults

Anna Klepikova, Ilia Utekhin

Footnotes on the Fields of the Ethnography of Elections

Ekaterina Melnikova


The Experience of Self-Government in Russia

Experience(s) of Self-Government in Russia: Notes on the Fields of Anthropological Research

 Power and Self-Government Issues in the “Anastasia” Religious Movement: Ideal Images of Family Communities and “Dreams Come True”

Julia Andreeva

Dacha Life and ‘Political War’. Concerning the Issue of Power in Contemporary Garden Cooperatives

Alexandra Kasatkina

The Practice of Holding Peasant Assemblies in the Vologda Province at the End of the 19th — Beginning of the 20th Century

Dmitry Mukhin

(Self-)Government in Petrograd/Leningrad Dwelling Houses. 1. House Committees (1917–1921)

Alexandra Piir


Materials from Expeditions

Witches and Sorcerers of West Africa in the 21st Century (Field Data from an Expedition to Ghana, Togo and Benin)

Kirill Babaev



V. V. Stasov and the Ethnographic Museums of St Petersburg in the Late 19th — Early 20th Centuries

Sergey Dmitriev

Painter A. Pomerantsev’s Ethnographic Album

Valeria Prischepova



“The Power of Anthropology”

Galina Komarova



Impressions on the 1st International Conference “Universal Design”

Andrey Vozyanov

Rituals and Customs as Cultural Heritage through the Eyes of Researchers and Tradition Bearers

Irina Sedakova, Svetlana Sidneva

“Migrations” in the Context of Ritual Studies. The Eighth International Conference of the SIEF Working Group on the Ritual Year

Irina Sedakova

The 18th Biennial Conference on Balkan and South Slavic Linguistics, Literature and Folklore (University of Washington, Seattle, 29th–31st March 2012)

Denis Ermolin

The Round Table “Troitsa. Ru salii. Πεντηκοστή. Rrёshajёt… Green and Its Motifs in the Balkan Spectrum”

Denis Ermolin, Alexander Novik

“Samruk-Ethno-Fest – 2012”: The First International Film Festival of Ethnographic Movies of the CIS Countries (Art and Anthropology Review)

Natalia Kazurova



Sergey Alexandrovich Arutyunov is 80

Elena Revunenkova, Yuri Karpov


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Antropologicheskij forum, no. 17 online