Antropologicheskij forum, 2010, no. 18 online




On the Variation of the Folklore Text

Antonina Lipatova

Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Net-Lore Characters: From Hypnotoad to Zoich

Darya Radchenko

Origination Mechanisms of a Folk Text in the Global Network: Traditions of Girlish Handwritten Stories in the Forum of the TV Project “Stars on Ice”

Natalia Kurguzova

The Altai Ritual Rug and the Creation of Heterotopia

Dmitry Arzyutov


Money in Russian Cultural Traditions

“I’ll Lure Money Quickly and Cheaply”: Money Magic in Modern Russia

Alexandra Arkhipova, Jakob Fruchtmann

The Price of Blood, or The Cursed Money of Judas Iscariot

Dmitry Antonov, Mikhail Maizuls

Shamans, Money and Spirits: Trade or Exchange?

Dmitry Doronin

The Unspendable Coin (Nerazmennyi Ruble) in Slavic Folk Beliefs and Magic Practices

Olga Belova

“Jewish Money” in Age of Transformation: Power, Society, Ethnicity in Recollections about the Soviet Time

Marina Hakkarainen

Songs about Embezzlers in Street Satire of New Economic Policy (NEP) Period

Mikhail Lurie

Money in Mythological Representations and Ritual Practices: Modern Peasant Tradition

Nikita Petrov, Andrey Moroz


Conference Proceedings “Anthropology. Study of Folklore. Sociolinguistics”

Forum for Young Anthropologists

Mikhail Lurie

Modern Trends in the Evolution of Food Practices among West African Peoples

Darya Mishchenko

The Representation of Karelian Nations in Expositions Covering the Age of Feudalism of the State Local History Museum of Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic 1950–1960

Madina Kayumova

“Lapotno-Kvasnoi Patriotism” and “Rus’ Poskonnaya”: To the Question of Russian National Objective Symbols

Alexandra Tikhomirova

Thick Descriptions in Geology: Describe or Classify

Egor Shevelev

 The Funeral and Memorial Lament (Prichet) of the “Polish” Old Believers of East Kazakhstan

Tatyana Gostischeva

On the Differentiation of Sublanguages: A Folk Sociolinguistics Perspective (Russian Dialects)

Elena Bondarenko

Variation in the Oral Belarusian-Russian Speech of City-Dwellers (Based on Records in Chocimsk)

Natalia Yanenko



The Development of Traditional Japanese Handlooms

Nadezda Maykova



“Childlore (Children’s Folklore) and the Institutions of Childhood”: XV Vinogradov Readings — V Stroganov Readings (13th–14th September 2012, Perm’ Region)

Ksenia Gavrilova, Maria Morozova

Conference ‘“Folk Linguistics”: Language from the Speakers’ Perspective’

Ksenia Gavrilova


In Memoriam

Artiom V. Kozmin (1976–2013)

Dmitry Nikolaev

About Artiom Kozmin

Yuri Berezkin


Summaries and keywords

Antropologicheskij forum, no. 18 online